What industries can apply Boltchain technology?

Boltchain is designed to be compatible with both a company’s central system and a public blockchain at the same time, allowing companies to effectively use the blockchain to build relevant applications. In a general business environment, when there is an intermediary or if an activity requires the intervention of a supervisory authority and cannot be completely decentralized, we can solve the problem of inaccurate information between users and intermediaries. Examples of such industries include copyright management of digital content and the financial industry.

Why use Boltchain?

Boltchain can solve the obstacles that are currently preventing the use of blockchain in central systems, including bandwidth, privacy, and convenience.

What are the technical features of Boltchain?

Features includes decentralized auditing and Indexed Merkle Tree.

Why can Boltchain achieve millions of transactions per second?

Boltchain uses a booster to operate all transactions outside the main chain and generate a hash value before recording it back onto the main chain. These layers reach a consensus with the main chain to secure and increase the speed of the side chains to achieve a millions of transactions per second.

Why do the booster transactions need to be audited?

When the hash value of the booster is recorded back into the main chain, the participants is unable to be informed of the consistency of results, so we used distributed auditing techniques to solve the problem of consistency.

What is Boltchain different from other sidechain technologies?

There are three main categories of side chain technology: relay chain types, lower channel types, and hierarchical side chains. Boltchain is a perfect scaling solution that not only solves the problems of the first three traditional side-chain technologies, but also further provides the benefits of centralized service interfaces and supervisory control.

Why do users need to participate in the audit process?

When Boltchain boosters start clearing transactions users should check for consistency participate in the audit process to achieve information consensus. When users check the consistency of auditing results, they can get rewards from the arbitration mechanism.

Why choose Boltchain in midst of the other hierarchical sidechain types?

Compared to other hierarchical side chains, we are more focused on being compatible with central services, including on-site implementation and compliance supervision of regulatory agencies. We hope to allow more and more existing centralized services to be ported to the blockchain and take advantage of this technology.

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