Boltchain vs. Other Public Chains vs. Private Chains


Public ChainsPrivate ChainsHybrid Public Chain
BitcoinEthereumPOS, PBFT or POA consensus protocolsBoltchian
Number of NodesUnlimited (currently around 8k~10k)Unlimited (currently around 8k~10k)LimitedUnlimited
Achieves global consensusYesYesNoYes (public chain)
51% attackNearly impossibleNearly impossibleEasilyNearly impossible
TPS≒7≒251,000~2,000>10,000,000 (public chain and boosters)
Blockchain Bloat ProblemNoYesYes (Severely)No
Compatible with centralized ecosystemsNoNoNoYes
Fast Off-chain Ledger AuditingNoNoNoYes

Technical principle

Boltchain is a Layer 2 protocal method that compresses the evidence of several transactions underchain and produces an encrypted hash value through a cross-chain protocol to the public chains such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. This will solve the problem of slow speed and lack of capacity in the public chain.

Hybrid-chain evidence

Boltchain decomposes the readable data into multiple transaction records, uses the Indexed Merkle Tree to abstract the blockchain evidence, and attachs this final evidence (the root hash form) to Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. public chains,then the security of evidence preservation will grow exponentially with the number of public chains attached by the evidence.

Cross-chain Channel (C3)

The cross-chain channel uses an intermediary micro-service communication to two blockchains that have a Turing-complete. The micro-service can simultaneously access the information of the two-sided blockchain and has a private key to prevent the processing information from being forged.
It converts the data exchange or asset exchange conditions between the two blockchains into executable programming languages, and sets the conditional specification for the cancellation of the transaction, which will be relevant when either blockchain triggers the event.The certificate is submitted to the other party block chain for execution.

Cross-chain asset exchange :

The use of cross-chain channel and Layer 2 protocol to transfer assets from other blockchains to the Boltchain system to achieve multi-blockchain value circulation.

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